The Panel's National Hubs

The National Hubs were introduced as part of the Panel’s 2019/20 work plan to strengthen the voice of consumers, across the UK, in the communications industry. The Hubs have so far been attended by a range of consumer, citizen and small business representatives, including NGOs, policymakers, consumer protection organisations; and charities representing the interests of people who are older; carers; are living with a disability or long-term health condition; are in debt; live in rural communities or are digitally excluded. The themes of meetings are driven by current issues affecting consumers, citizens and micro businesses using communications services.

The Hubs’ particular areas of focus have included:

  • Connectivity;
  • Supporting people with additional support needs and designing new, inclusive services;
  • Data protection;
  • Scams/profiteering;
  • Effective communications with customers;
  • Digital exclusion;
  • Affordability;
  • Dissemination of fake news; and
  • Barriers to communication for people with sensory loss.

For further information on our discussions across the UK Nations, please see below.

  • To read a summary of our discussions on the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on communications consumers, please click here. These discussions took place during the initial stages of the pandemic. 
  • The Panel recently published research on scams and fraudulent activity, exploring how consumers have been targeted across communications channels. Our discussions on the impacts of scams on consumers, citizens and micro-businesses fed into our research recommendations. Click here to access our cover report, recommendations and full research findings. 
  • To read a summary of our discussions on rural connectivity and the types of issues and impacts that communications consumers living, studying or working in rural areas face, please click here. The summary includes a list of stakeholders who took part and further information on available connectivity initiatives across the Nations.

Upcoming National Hubs

The next round of National Hubs will take place across January and February 2021 and will focus on the affordability of communications services and consumer debt in the communications sector. If you represent UK consumers and would like to attend this meeting, please contact: 


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