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The Communications Consumer Panel (‘the Panel’) consists of eight independent experts who work to protect and promote people’s interests in the communications sector.  The Panel was established  under the Communications Act 2003 as the policy advisory body on consumer interests in telecommunications, broadcasting (excluding content issues) and spectrum markets. The Panel carries out research, provides advice and encourages Ofcom, Governments, the EU, industry and others to look at issues through the eyes of consumers (both individuals and micro businesses) and citizens. The Panel also performs the functions of Ofcom’s Advisory Committee on Older and Disabled People (‘ACOD’).

How we handle your personal details

We handle all personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Principles and Ofcom’s Data Protection Statement, as set out here:


The Panel conducts research through independent research agencies. Where we engage such agencies, we take care to ensure that they are aware of your rights under the relevant data protection legislation. 

If a researcher contacts you to take part in research on behalf of the Panel or ACOD and you are unsure about sharing information with them, please contact us:

Communications Consumer Panel
Riverside House
2a Southwark Bridge Road
London SE1 9HA

Telephone: 020 7783 4078



The Panel publishes a monthly bulletin providing a round-up of its activities and current issues affecting individuals and micro businesses in the communications market. We send these to people who subscribe or who have interests that are similar to the Panel’s work.  You can unsubscribe from receiving bulletins by clicking the link in the bulletin.

Our third-party provider (Campaign Monitor) uses a tracking mechanism so we can monitor and improve the emails we send you. This involves attaching a piece of code to each email which is sent by the Panel.