Switching mobile provider becomes easier from today

01 July 2019

Consumers can ‘Text-To-Switch’ their mobile provider from today

From today, consumers will find it easier to switch their mobile phone provider, with no notice period charges and quick, easy access to information on the status of their contract. Consumers will be able to obtain their Porting Authorisation Code (‘PAC’) from their provider by text, within a minute. The PAC will be valid for 30 days, allowing time to shop around. Once a consumer decides to switch, the consumer’s provider must complete the switch within one working day.

The Panel has previously highlighted to Ofcom the difficulties for consumers in navigating complicated switching processes across the communications sector. Some of our advice to Ofcom can be found in our response to an Ofcom consultation, here.

1.Text ‘PAC’ to 65075; 2.Get your code to switch, along with important contract information (e.g. early termination charges);3.Give the PAC to  your new provider;4.Service is switched within one working day. No notice period charges apply.

(Image: Ofcom)

For a PAC code  text 'PAC' to 65075
For information text 'INFO' to 85075






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