Welcome to our new member, David Holden!

21 March 2019

We would like to welcome David to his first meeting with the Communications Consumer Panel and ACOD, today.

David Holden

Dr. David Holden

David currently also sits on the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA)/HAL Consumer Challenge Board (CCB), tasked with providing scrutiny to ensure that the current £15bn Heathrow expansion plans, regulatory price review and five-year business plan is driven by the understanding and prioritisation of the needs of its current and future consumers. The CCB challenges and scrutinises HAL’s business plan to determine whether it meets the requirement of ‘high quality consumer engagement’.

David has direct and extensive experience of working on large-scale consumer insight projects for Vodafone, BT, O2, EE, France Telecom, 3, Sky, Inmarsat, Talk Talk, Carphone Warehouse, Ericsson, Nokia, Virgin Media, Cable and Wireless and Alcatel.


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