Changes taking effect tomorrow (1 March) mean fairer, more realistic information for people buying broadband

28 February 2019

Improvements agreed by Ofcom and providers, with advice from the Communications Consumer Panel, mean consumers will get fairer, more realistic information on broadband before they buy, from tomorrow (1 March).

The new broadband speeds codes, which we advised on at draft stage and by replying formally to Ofcom’s consultation on its Broadband Speeds Codes of Practice (PDF 51KB, opens in a new window), will make it easier for consumers to understand what speeds they are likely to get, before they buy and will make it easier for consumers to end a contract without penalty if they don't receive those speeds.  

Ofcom's infographic, below, sets out the changes that are to take place:

Infographic on broadband speed codes

[Infographic shows: More realistic speed estimates; always a guaranteed minimum speed at point of sale and the ability to exit a contract penalty-free - and all of these apply regardless of the technology used to deliver the service]

The improvements apply to both residential and business customers. Ofcom's news release is here: 


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