Data Protection Day 2019

28 January 2019

Today is international Data Protection Day, or Data Privacy Day. 

Since the publication of our November 2016 research Digital Footprints’, which sought the views of telecoms consumers about the handling of their personal data, we have made recommendations to communications providers and Ofcom to help protect consumers' and citizens' personal data. 

These are some views from participants in the research, which was conducted for the Panel by Ipsos Mori:

  • “No, I don’t have control; nobody has total control. If you put your data into a website, you have no more control over it. I don’t ever enter my information to try and have some control.”

    Janice, 75, retired, not a frequent internet user.

  • “Because I’ve never had my personal information abused then I’m probably not as cautious as I might be. Unless it’s happened to you, you probably don’t, really.”

    Sarah, 38, HR Manager, frequent internet user

  • “I would hope that the government is monitoring how these companies use your data.”

    Richard, 25, part-time factory worker, very frequent internet user

  • "I only go to trusted places (brand sites)."
    "I don't know what Cookies do...I just get rid of them."

    John, 79, carer for his wife who has Alzheimer’s disease, infrequent internet user.

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