ACOD specific work areas

Inclusion and accessibility (including speaking Electronic Programme Guides/Next Generation Text Relay/video relay/Audio Description (AD), signing and subtitling on TV and video on demand)

We will continue to engage with Ofcom’s range of work on the accessibility of content which examines how effectively user requirements are being met, including on the provision of subtitling, audio description and signing, the accuracy and latency of live subtitling, and especially maintain our focus on the provision of access services on video on demand content, so that, as far as practicable, users have equivalent access. We will continue to engage with the work to inform potential users about Next Generation Text Relay, as well as its further development. We will also continue to advise Ofcom on the development of its Single Equality Scheme and particularly its disability action plan which sets out how Ofcom will ensure that it is a positive organisation for older and disabled employees and consumers. We will continue to encourage the BBC to publish information about its video on demand subtitling levels.

Portrayal and participation

The participation of older and disabled people in programmes, and their accurate portrayal, are central pillars to maintaining audiences’ confidence and engagement with broadcast content. We will engage with Ofcom’s and broadcasters’ work in this area.

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