Communications Consumer Panel Accessibility Statement

The Panel advises Ofcom and other policy makers on the communications interests of consumers and citizens, including issues affecting people with disabilities and older people. In doing so the Panel is committed to taking a proactive approach and to ensuring that as far as it is able, its activities are accessible to the widest range of stakeholders, taking into account good practice, proportionality and the resources at its disposal.

In particular this means ensuring that the information we make available on our website is accessible to our stakeholders as it is the Panel's main channel of communication. We aim to include the following features in our content to improve accessibility:

  • allowing users to choose their preferred text size via  Ctrl ++ or adjusting the browser zoom level;
  • embedding ‘alt text' in documents, reports etc to describe graphics or images;
  • providing subtitling on video material;
  • providing a site map;
  • keeping pages clear and consistent;
  • using clear and straightforward language; and
  • making our annual report and other documents when they relate specifically to Wales, available in Welsh.

We will respond positively to all accessibility-related requests; provide our various publications in alternative formats on request; and include access considerations in planning meetings and events.

If you have any difficulties accessing content on this page, please email us at