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Wordle of Panel workplan

The Communications Consumer Panel consists of eight independent experts who work to protect and promote people’s interests in the communications sector. We were established by the Communications Act 2003 as the independent, policy advisory body on consumer interests in telecommunications, broadcasting and spectrum markets (with the exception of content issues). The Panel carries out research, provides advice and encourages Ofcom, Government, the EU, industry and others to look at issues through the eyes of consumers, citizens and small businesses.

To take advantage of the synergy between the Panel and Ofcom’s Advisory Committee on Older and Disabled People (ACOD) and to avoid potential duplication, cross-membership of the two bodies was established in Summer 2012. The remits of the bodies remain unchanged. This means that Members, in their ACOD capacity, also provide advice to Ofcom on issues relating to older and disabled people including television, radio and other content on services regulated by Ofcom as well as about issues concerning the postal sector.

The Panel engages with stakeholders to inform the advice that it gives and to help to keep the interests of consumers, citizens and small businesses on the agenda across the sector. The Panel also engages with a range of other organisations working on behalf of these constituencies - including those representing older and disabled people.