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The Panel's strategic plan 2021/22

After consultation, we have published our strategic plan 2021/22 below:  

Communications Consumer Panel and ACOD's strategic plan 2021-2022

Y Panel Defnyddwyr Cyfathrebiadau a'r Pwyllgor Cynghori ar gyfer Pobl Hŷn a Phobl Anabl (ACOD) - Y diweddaraf am y Cynllun Strategol: 2021- 2022

Consultation responses have also been published below. These responses helped to shape the final version of our plan and we thank all stakeholders who provided us with their feedback and comments.

Advice Direct Scotland - click here to read the response.

Alan Horne, Independent - click here to read the response.

Citizens Advice Scotland - click here to read the response.

Consumer Council for Northern Ireland - click here to read the response.

Claire Milne, Independent - please see response below.

‘Thanks for drawing this to my attention and for the opportunity to comment. What I've seen is all good, but the claim to be focusing on future developments doesn't seem to be backed up by specific proposed actions. In particular, given that Ofcom will be taking on responsibility for online harms, will the Panel's remit be extended remit to this area? If not, how will consumers' interests in relation to online harms be represented to Ofcom? Even if the answers to these two questions are "no" and "don't know", I'd have thought that this warranted a mention in the CCP plan, to show that you're aware of the need for something new in this area!’ [Claire Milne, Independent]

deafscotland - please see response below.

‘I would support your plan and proposals within it. It fits with our “Communication for All” work and I thank you & the team for allowing us to work with you through these challenging times and towards an exciting future for those affected by communication poverty.’ [Janis McDonald, deafscotland]

Fair By Design - please see response below.

‘Communications is not one of our key areas but in terms of our recommendation, can I submit a recommendation that you move even more towards including disadvantaged consumers more directly in your work, using inclusive design principles, rather than relying on liaising consumer reps? This is not a criticism  - just a nudge towards a way to place consumers at the heart of the Panel’s work.’ [Martin Coppack, Fair by Design]

Society of Chief Officers of Trading Standards in Scotland - please click here to read the response. 




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