Consumer Switching, Mis-selling & Mobile Number Portability

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The Panel has been engaged with Ofcom's work on switching for a number of years. We wrote to Ofcom in June 2009 in response to its proposals to reduce fixed line mis-selling and while welcoming the proposals, called on Ofcom to look strategically at the issue of switching and to work towards unified switching processes across all communications services. The Panel has also provided advice to the Ofcom Board and participated in various stakeholder workshops to help ensure that the perspective of consumers is built into Ofcom's approach.

In September 2009 the Panel responded to Ofcom's consultation on Mobile Number Portability.  The Panel asked Ofcom to ensure consumers were well informed, the process was simple, and consider how a revised process for porting numbers will be tied into a more unified process for switching communications services in general.

In April 2010 the Panel had a discussion with the Ofcom switching team at its Panel meeting, which was followed up with a paper submitted to the Ofcom Board at their request.  The Panel was supportive of Ofcom's progress and gave advice on how Ofcom develop the preferred gaining provider-led option make their preference clear in the consultation.

In July 2010 the Panel responded to the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC) consultation on whether national governments should introduce best practice for switching processes.  Our response supported, and built on, the best practice principles recommended by BEREC to facilitate switching and argue that there is a strong case for national regulatory authorities to move towards gaining provider-led processes for all communications services.

In November 2010 the Panel responded to the Ofcom strategic review of consumer switching urging Ofcom to compress its review timetable of switching processes and implement unified processes as quickly as possible.

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