Responding to the Publication of the Government's Digital Britain Plan

Responding to the publication today of the Government's Digital Britain plan, Communications Consumer Panel Chair Anna Bradley said (PDF 129KB, opens in a new window)


"We warmly welcome the Government's strategic approach to building Britain's digital future, and the high value it is placing on people's digital lives.

 "The Government's commitment to universal access to broadband has the potential to deliver new services and products that could bring huge social and economic benefits. This is why it is vital that the Government puts the consumer and citizen interest at the heart of the final Digital Britain report.

 "We recently presented research to Lord Carter and the Digital Britain steering group that revealed what people's future needs are likely to be in the communications market, and how policy makers can meet them. We highlighted four key points that we wanted Digital Britain to tackle, among others: 

  • universal service at a level that provides access to digital services that are considered important by consumers and citizens
  • a joined-up information, advisory and problem solving capability to help in purchasing and trouble-shooting
  • a clear commitment and improved record on government and industry privacy and security issues
  • simpler and more automatic privacy and security mechanisms that help consumers/citizens to take responsibility.

"We are pleased to see that the report allows for all of these to be taken forward, and addresses many more issues that are important to consumers and citizens.  

"We are very much looking forward to working with the Govenrment and the Digital Britain team to put the citizen and consumer interest into the heart of the final report and so make digital lives a reality for consumers and citizens across the UK."



The Communications Consumer Panel was established to advise Ofcom on the consumer interest in the markets it regulates. The Panel is independent and sets its own agenda. The Panel's members appointed by Ofcom are:

  • Anna Bradley (Chairman)
  • Fiona Ballantyne (member for Scotland)                   
  • Louisa Bolch
  • Kim Brook (member for Wales)
  • Colin Browne
  • Roger Darlington (member for England)
  • Maureen Edmondson (member for Northern Ireland)
  • Leen Petre
  • Damian Tambini
  • Bob Warner


Communications Consumer Panel Media Adviser Siân Evans 020 8674 8921 / 07713997510

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