Views of participants in our most recent research, 'Still Going Round in Circles'

The comments below highlight the experiences of some of the consumers who took part in our most recent research, 'Still Going Round in Circles':

“I felt like I was belittled.... because they keep on asking the same questions. It’s always the same and you’ve already tried that even before you’ve made the phone call. It’s common sense that you would unplug it and try it again. So, you feel very stupid and very irritated . . . it’s their attitude. You’re just a number.”
Angela, 37, Bristol, broadband customer on a very low income

"I called them and said I'm not happy and said "I want to complain". She [call-handler] wrote it all down and said someone would be in touch with me. I never heard anything, and so I thought, you know, just forget it." 
Anne, 62, Glasgow, mobile customer

“When I asked to speak to a manager, they said there was no manager. When I asked for their name, they said they weren’t allowed to say. I just can’t imagine running a business like that."
David, 54, Bristol, a micro business owner and broadband customer

Visibly shaking: “It all went down, and by that time, I was feeling very, very anxious. All the nerve endings on my back were tingling. I had a knot in my stomach, and I wasn’t coping at all well. I went into meltdown really. So, I gave up with it all, and just abandoned it.”
Margaret, 65, Manchester, broadband customer, about a loss of service and her anxiety over having to contact her provider

“They [websites] are really bad. Hard to find things. They aren’t designed with disabled people in mind.
John, 37, London, mobile customer with a visual impairment

“We love the TV package. We wouldn’t want to change that. It’s a lot of hassle to have to change just the broadband, and then you’ve got two bills.”
Jennifer, 55, North Wales, consumer with a pay-TV/broadband/landline bundle whose complaint had been resolved

“It made me feel stupid when they said "can you phone back when there is somebody else there?"  I was quite capable of understanding what he was asking me to do. What I was trying to say to him was that I wasn’t physically able to do it. I felt that he could have been more understanding.”
Mabel, 65, Glasgow, broadband customer 

“Never heard of it [deadlock letter] and I’ve not been sent one."                                                                                       Jo, 24, broadband, ongoing, Belfast