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On 9 June 2008 the Panel co-hosted with the Broadband Stakeholder Group (BSG) a conference on next generation access (NGA) entitled, 'Beyond Pipe Dreams? Prospects for Next Generation Broadband in the UK'. Take a look at the conference page.

At the event the BSG published two reports:

  • A Framework for Evaluating the Value of Next Generation Broadband by Plum Consulting. This report was co-funded by the Consumer Panel and looks at how to evaluate the private and social value of NGA.
  • Models for efficient and effective public sector intervention in next generation broadband access networks by Analysys Mason. This report sets out a number of different and innovative European fibre to the home public sector intervention models.

We commissioned and presented a video at the event.

It contrasts the consumer experience of those who have a fibre connection and those without.

Read our press release.