Access services: Time to catch up!

19 October 2017

Our latest research, 'Access to broadcast and on-demand content: Time to Catch Up!' (PDF 563KB, opens in a new window), is out today, looking at the availability, awareness and use of access services in the UK.  Although more people are watching TV via 'catch up' or on-demand programming, there are proportionally fewer accessible programmes for those with a sensory impairment than are available on traditional 'linear' or time-specific TV: 68% of on-demand programming did not offer any accessibility provision.

Our research overall highlights an appetite for greater provision of access services across the media landscape, but our qualitative interviews also strongly suggest there is a need for more awareness of what there is available, greater knowledge on how to use it, and improvements to the quality of output.

At the end of the report, based on the findings of our research, we make several recommendations of next steps for the regulator, industry and stakeholders. Read more here.

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