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22 November 2016

Consumers’ confidence and trust in the internet is key to bridging the digital divide. If we are to become a nation that is truly digital by default then surmounting this hurdle of consumer distrust, and encouraging online activity and engagement is paramount. With this in mind we recently commissioned independent research to follow up on our 2011 study of consumer attitudes to privacy. This, and our accompanying cover report, Digital Footprints: A question of trust, is out today.

Our research shows that although internet usage is increasing, it is clear that there remains a digital confidence divide. And it’s not just age-related – disabled users also have lower levels of confidence in using the internet.

Amongst all users there are deep concerns and dissatisfaction in regard to data privacy and security. There is a perception that consumers lack control and do not benefit from sharing their data. There is a lack of trust; and consequently users are limiting their online activity and placing trust in brands they know from the offline world. This restricts consumer choice and undermines potential economic growth for businesses.

We’ve recommended a series of actions that can help to address these concerns. We hope this research will be valuable to companies and other organisations, including government bodies who collect data from consumers and citizens, and will influence them to become more transparent and to educate users about what they are doing with people’s data.

Digital Footprints: A question of trust – our cover report

Digital Footprints - Ipsos Mori’s independent research (PDF 1.33MB, opens in a new window)

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