Research 2015/16

Research topics planned for 2016/17:

Digital Footprints – the use of personal data

As more and more data is collected about people – both as they knowingly disclose information on platforms such as social media and as they unknowingly share digital details about themselves whilst conducting everyday business - two fundamental questions occur: 

  1. What are the implications for our individual privacy?
  2. How can we control and manage the use of our personal data more effectively?

Although the range of opportunities offered by the internet, mobile apps and micropayments provides consumers and citizens with a host of potential benefits, it is increasingly important that people understand the implications of the consent they are giving organisations for the use of their data and the precautions they can take to safeguard their personal information.

Building on our earlier research (Online Personal Data – the Consumer Perspective) we will explore how best to identify and highlight the pertinent issues that need to be considered as policy making and regulation develop in this area. We aim to publish this work in 2016.

Access to broadcast and on-demand content

The delivery of audio-visual content has been transformed in recent years. We believe that, as far as practicable, everyone should have the opportunity to take advantage of these developments and have equivalent access to both broadcast and on demand content. We continue to be concerned about the provision of access services and will undertake a study into the delivery and usage of services, people’s attitudes to these and the barriers that stand in the way of better provision.

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