Broadband/mobile coverage and quality of service (including future of voice/10Mbit/s Universal Service Obligation)

Broadband/mobile coverage and quality of service (including inadvertent roaming/future of voice/Broadband Universal Service Commitment)

Consumers, citizens and micro businesses remain ever more reliant on communications services in growing numbers of ways – and particularly via mobile devices. The Panel’s view remains consistent: sub-optimal delivery of communications services as a result of inadequate infrastructure – be it a lack of reliable, fast broadband or the absence of robust mobile voice and/or data coverage - has long since ceased to be a cause of simple irritation for consumers and micro businesses; it is, today, an issue of real and significant detriment.

The Panel considers that 10 Mbit/s is the absolute minimum for an acceptable broadband user experience. We welcomed DCMS’ announcement of a Universal Service Obligation (USO) of 10Mbit/s and are looking forward to seeing it implemented as soon as possible.

Specific objective

We will help ensure that the needs of consumers, citizens and micro businesses are central to policy making, that delivery of a high quality service experience is consistently achieved and that consumers and citizens are not excluded from participating effectively in the digital world. To do this, we will continue to engage with Governments, Ofcom, Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) and industry so that consumer and citizen interests are taken into account in relation to both the provision of infrastructure and quality of experience.