Consumer Information (inc security/privacy/non-geographic numbering, copyright, scams and broadband speeds)

As the Panel noted previously, the proliferation of communications services, options and tariffs has brought an increasing level of choice for the consumer. But comparing the different options available in this complex market is not straightforward. The Panel’s work on behavioural economics and vulnerable consumers found that some evidence suggests that too much information, or information that is too complex, can lead to poorer consumer decisions and therefore have a detrimental effect on consumer welfare. In addition to providers giving consumers clear and reliable information generally, the Panel remains interested in the potential provision of key contractual facts, presented in plain English, similar to those used in the financial services market.

Specific Objective

To influence and encourage Ofcom to utilise and share widely the results of its review into online consumer information in order to support and empower consumers; and to work with other bodies to raise awareness of any cross-cutting themes which emerge from the findings.

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