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In February 2009 the Panel received a presentation from Ofcom's Access and Inclusion Team on their work in a range of areas, including media literacy, TV access services, universal service, broadband availability and take-up, 999 mobile roaming, and relay services for hearing and speech impaired users. The team also outlined its plans to publish a consultation document, setting out its intention to bring together these different strands of work into a single overarching project treat them in a consistent and co-ordinated way. The Panel gave feedback on the specific areas of work as well as welcoming the intention to bring these different elements together.

In March 2009 issued a consultation document, setting out its five priority work areas for access and inclusion: broadband availability and take-up; 999 roaming; services for people with a disability; a review of the existing universal service obligation in telecommunications; and media literacy. In May 2009 Ofcom colleagues attended a Panel meeting to discuss the consultation and it was agreed that the Panel would submit a response.

In July 2009 the Panel published its response to the consultation. The response welcomed Ofcom's intention to bring together all the issues that have a bearing on access and inclusion under a single overarching project and treat them in a consistent and co-ordinated way. The Panel also commented on a number of those issues in detail. The Panel's response can be found below.

The Panel continued to engage informally with Ofcom's access and inclusion team, providing feedback and monitoring progress.

In November 2009 the Panel responded to a separate Ofcom consultation on TV Access Services. The Panel strongly supports the provision of TV access services and values the contribution that they make to enabling people with disabilities to participate in society.

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